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Recordings available for the Fedora 4.0 Webinar Series

Winchester, MA

On November 5, 2014 the Hot Topics DuraSpace Community Webinar series, “Early Advantage: Introducing New Fedora 4.0 Repositories,” concluded with its final webinar, “Fedora 4.0 in Action at Penn State and Stanford.”

This webinar series curated by Fedora’s Product Manager, David Wilcox, highlighted four institutions who have already adopted Fedora 4.0 Beta and have started designing and implementing pilot projects that take advantage of Fedora’s new features.  Representatives from the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of California San Diego, Pennsylvania State University, and Stanford University, presented how Fedora 4.0 is enhancing the repository data at their institutions.

Presentation slides and webinar recordings are available at

Learn more about the features of Fedora 4.0 and provide feedback prior to the production release later this year.

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