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The DSpace 5 Testathon is Underway!

From Hardy Pottinger on behalf of the DSpace Committers

The DSpace 5.0 Testathon is going on right now, and will continue through November 21, 2014.


• Details on how to participate: see [1]

• Details about new features, bug fixes in 5.0 and release schedule: see [2]

This is also the time to send us your translations of DSpace 5.0 ( and messages_xx.xml files). Both new and updated translations are welcome. When updating translations, please try to contact the previous translator first to avoid possible duplication of work.
You may send translations at any time, but to make them easily available to others via the DSpace build process, try to send them before the 5.0 release date, tentatively scheduled for December 15.
To send a translation, register/log in to Jira [3], file a new issue (e.g. "Updated French translation") and attach the files to that issue.
You can find the latest English version of these files here: [4] [5]