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VIVO Project Strategy Meeting at Northwestern

This week a 15 member VIVO Strategy Team is meeting at the Northwestern University Library on the Evanston campus to review issues and set goals for the VIVO project.

Representatives include members of the VIVO Leadership Group, the VIVO Steering Group, the VIVO Management Team and others who serve on the Strategy Team. Meeting goals include:

  • Review and Agree Upon Shared Understanding VIVO's Value Proposition
  • Identify and Discuss Key VIVO Goals & Issues
  • Prioritize Key VIVO Goals & Issues
  • Develop High Level Action Plans for Prioritized VIVO Goals & Issues
  • Identify Key Means for Communicating and Vetting the Strategic Plan
  • Develop Next Steps
Priorities will be established along three Strategic Themes: Community, Sustainability, and Technology. Strategy survey results from 19 respondents will be reviewed and used to establish priorities. High level action plans will be created for five of the highest priority goals from each of the Strategic Theme categories. The strategic priorities and action plans will help the VIVO Community focus on key goals that need to be accomplished and contribute to building better roadmaps for the successful future of the VIVO project.