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Integrative Health Care Case Reports Now Widely Accessible in DSpaceDirect

Winchester, MA  Martha Menard, Director of the Crocker Institute, is responsible for day-to-day operations, repository maintenance and overall design of the CaseRe3 Repository for Integrative Health Care Case Reports. She chose DSpace over Fedora for the original implementation in 2011. "The team decided to go with DSpace because of its history, wide install base, successful use by so many universities, and most importantly, its advanced Java architecture with Postgres—we knew we would never outgrow it." DSpace support for multiple file types was also a key factor in making the decision.

When DSpaceDirect became available Menard was looking for ways to spend more of her time curating resources and developing new ways for practitioners, educators, and researchers to use case reports. Even though the DSpace repository application is out-of-the box, it takes some technical expertise to manage systems and customize a repository, and her background is not in IT. Timing, hosting company issues and a desire to stick with the easier to manage, hosted version of DSpace helped make the decision to switch to DSpaceDirect.

"DSpaceDirect's easy start-up process, customization options and support confirmed that we had made the right choice," said Menard, "We had a deadline that was a month out and we made it thanks to DuraSpace DSpaceDirect staff members Carissa (Smith) and Tim (Donohue). They have both been terrific to work with."

Read more about the CaseRe3 DSpaceDirect Repository here.