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DSpace 5.0 Previews: Auto Upgrade and Batch Import Features

Winchester, MA  Throughout the month DuraSpace is highlighting key features that will be available to the community in the upcoming release of DSpace 5.0.

Auto Upgrade Feature

Moving your repository to DSpace 5 from earlier versions of DSpace is about to get easier with the new “Auto Upgrader”.

In the past, the typical upgrade process involved manually running a series of upgrade scripts or commands. If you were several versions behind, this also meant manually running several upgrade scripts in sequence, and potentially having to test intermediate versions of DSpace to perform the upgrade. Both of these manual processes are now a thing of the past!

The new database and index automatic upgrade processes make DSpace 5 safer, easier, and quicker to upgrade to, no matter what version of DSpace you currently run. Even better, the auto-upgrader works for any prior version of DSpace. So, whether you run DSpace 1.x, 3.x or 4.x, your metadata and content will be automatically upgraded when you upgrade to DSpace 5.

Batch Import Feature

Need to import lots of files all at once? The “Batch Import from the UI” feature in DSpace 5 has added the ability to batch import content through the web interface (XMLUI or JSPUI).

Previously, if you wanted to batch import a set of items (even just 10 or 100), these import packages would have to be copied to the server, and then imported from the command line, requiring coordination with technical support staff.  Or, you would need to manually submit each work one-by-one from the web interface.

In DSpace 5, any DSpace administrative user can create a batch import package on their desktop, and simply upload the ZIP file into DSpace through the web interface (XMLUI or JSPUI), without requiring technical support or direct server access. Ultimately the batch size is up to you! (But keep in mind, depending on your internet connection, some web browsers may timeout if you attempt to upload a ZIP package much larger than 1-2GB.)

A YouTube video demo of batch import through XMLUI is available here: