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OpenBU Adopts @mire's Managed Hosting

By Bram Luyten, @mire

OpenBU is Boston University’s institutional repository, providing open access availability of the university’s research, increasing web visibility of publications and work acknowledgement. Both students and research personnel openly share their submissions through this platform. @mire has recently engaged with Boston University to adapt this repository to fit modern scholarly demands. During this process the repository fully migrated to @mire’s managed hosting. Meanwhile the DSpace was upgraded to version 4.1.

Managed hosting

Prior to the upgrade, OpenBU was hosted on in-house BU infrastructure. The DSpace application, the underlying file store and the database were migrated to @mire’s managed hosting infrastructure as part of the project.

A new redundant storage architecture was achieved leveraging the power of Amazon AWS products including S3. Amazon S3 provides highly durable storage infrastructure for OpenBU, provisioning redundant storage in multiple facilities that is automatically self-healing.

Compared to a scenario in which @mire provides support for an in-house hosted DSpace repository, the managed hosting platform enables more effective issue detection and resolution.

Eagle-eye on repository use

An important functional goal in the project was to give collection administrators richer overviews on usage statistics. This was accomplished by the implementation of @mire’s Content and Usage Analysis module. Aside from the administrator suite of data access and visualisation tools, the latest version of the module adds public facing pages giving access to the repository’s most popular items and usage statistics per country. Usage distribution of browsed items can be consulted by country and period so item popularity can be closely monitored.

A popular item that has been consistently racking up file downloads over the past months is “Kinetic Analysis of Ester Hydrolysis”. On the individual repository pages, the module adds configurable widgets, giving public access to more detailed usage statistics of particular items, collections or communities.

Further augmenting administrator convenience, @mire’s Metadata Quality Module was integrated to detect and correct errors in metadata. Instead of having to change every incorrect item manually this add-on provides a far more time-efficient approach. The batch editing makes it possible to edit a group of preselected items’ metadata in a single action. No restrictions were placed on the amount or what kind of data is changed.


The BU project team - consisting of BU Libraries’ Vika Zafrin, and Information Services and Technology’s Richard Sims and Anne Marie Kelley - began the upgrade and migration process in the end of March. The DSpace upgrade, enhancements and migration to the hosted environment was completed in July. In addition to the core team mentioned above, BU IS&T’s Greg Costa was a great help in making this project successful.

On the @mire side, the project was carried out by our U.S. office team consisting of James Marin, Mini Pillai and Mark Diggory.

@mire's upgrade and customization services

As an international service provider based in both the US and Europe, @mire provides upgrade, customization and hosting services for DSpace. Contact us today if you are interested in managed hosting or our add-on modules.