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AVAILABLE: DSpace 5.0 Release Candidate 3; Final Release Update

From Tim Donohue, on behalf of the DSpace Committers

Winchester, MA  The DSpace Committers were hoping to release DSpace 5.0 in early December. The November Testathon uncovered a variety of minor bugs which are being resolved so the final release of DSpace 5.0 has been delayed until mid-January (tentatively January 15, 2015). 

In the last month the committers have been working hard to verify and fix all of the bugs which you (the Community) helped to locate. The majority of them have now been resolved in a new 5.0 Release Candidate #3

(5.0-rc3) version:

* Download 5.0-rc3 from:
* Checkout 5.0-rc3 (in GitHub) from:
* 5.x Documentation:

(For a list of all issues resolved in 5.0-rc3, please see our "5.0-rc3" milestone in GitHub: )

If you find yourself with some free time at work over the coming weeks, we encourage you to give 5.0-rc3 one last test run and let us know what you think!

• DSpace 5.0-rc3 is running on:
• Or, you may install it locally by downloading it (see link above) or checking it out in GitHub ('dspace-5.0-rc3' tag).

As a reminder, the exciting new features in 5.0 are all detailed on our 5.0 Release Status page:

We wish you a wonderful holiday and happy new year!