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Try Sufia: A Fedora 4 plus Hydra Combination

From Justin Coyne, Data Curation Experts

Sufia is an extensible, out of the box, self-deposit repository that powers sites such as Scholarsphere ( at Penn State and HydraDAM ( at WGBH.  Until now, no Hydra application has been capable of on running on Fedora 4. Penn State and Data Curation Experts have teamed up to change that.  This work has resulted in a beta version of Sufia which runs on Fedora 4.  We would love for you to take a look at this work, kick the tires and let us know if you have any suggestions.

Getting started on Sufia and Fedora 4 isn't difficult. You can create your own Sufia based application by following the directions here:
Thanks to everyone who helped out with this effort, especially Chris Beer, Esmé Cowles, Tom Johnson, Trey Terrell, Brian Maddy, Adam Wead, Michael
Giarlo and Andrew Woods.