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Get the Scoop on How Institutions Research and Select Hosted Repository Solutions

Winchester, MA  Find out first-hand how institutions research and select hosted repository solutions at the January 22 Hot Topics webinar “Doing It: How Non-ARL Institutions are Managing Digital Collections”.

Join Oceana Wilson from Bennington College Library and Stephanie Davis-Kahl from Illinois Wesleyan University as they discuss how they determined their requirements and assessed their content. They will talk about gathering digital repository market options and how they evaluated possible solutions. They will highlight features and functionality they needed in order for a software service to be considered, and what specific needs were met by their choices. They will also share how they went about putting financial commitments in place to move forward.
Registration for the final webinar of the Hot Topics Series 8: Doing It: How Non-ARL Institutions are Managing Digital Collections hosted by Liz Bishoff and Carissa Smith on Thursday, January 22, 2015, 11:00am-12:00pm ET is available here.
Wilson and Davis-Kahl will also discuss how they got started using a hosted service and how they prepared their content, their metadata and their staff, how they engaged fellow staff members, patrons, users, what barriers they faced, and what advice they have for others.