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The DSpace 5 Mirage 2 User Interface at Stellenbosch University

Winchester, MA  Hilton Gibson, Stellenbosch University—home of the SUN Scholar Research Repository, has provided documentation "for those itching to use the Mirage 2" User Interface released earlier this week as part of DSpace version 5.0. Gibson has updated the Mirage2 theme help page (assumes that it will be used for installations and that the installation will be done using: for those who want to learn more about using Mirage2.

The Mirage 2 User Interface for DSpace, developed by @mire, enables any device—computer, smart phone, tablet—to display repository information. The Mirage 2 theme makes it easy to display DSpace repository content wherever your users are, at any time and on any device. This theme for the DSpace XML User Interface (XMLUI) was built on Bootstrap, SASS/Compass and Grunt. Mirage 2 adds support for devices in all shapes and sizes, an updated look and feel and an entire range of optimizations behind the scenes.

Tim Donohue, Technical Lead for DSpace and DSpaceDirect explains, “With the addition of Mirage 2, the XMLUI now has a sleek, modern, responsive interface which will allow your users to utilize your repository from the device of their choice."

DSpace 5.0 can be downloaded at either of the following locations:

In addition, you are welcome to try out DSpace 5.0 on and continue to provide any early feedback you may have.