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Universidad de la Sabana: Colombia Evolves Its Institutional Repository

Chía, Colombia  Universidad de la Sabana´s institutional repository provides services to the university’s researchers, students and the academic community of this prestigious Colombian University. Arvo Consultores has helped the institution upgrade their repository to Dspace 4.2.  Improvements include an enhanced interface, with a new adaptive and responsive interface –the first Mirage2 interface in a Colombian institution.  A flash viewer module integrates a rich document viewer for pdf formats, specifically suited for high quality digitized documents which makes it easier to access and view XVII and XVIII century historic documents from the library’s repository.

The University de la Sabana Library and Information Technology Services teamed up with Arvo Consulting to migrate the repository ( to a new hardware platform, update the software base, build major functionality enhancements, redesign the interface, integrate the repository with the OJS publications, include social network links and more.

A Duraspace Registered Service Provider with international presence, Arvo is helping institutions provide design, upgrade and customization services for DSpace. Contact us for information about our full range of services.