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VIVO Strategic Plan Lays Foundation for 2015-2016

Winchester, MA  During the past two and a half months, the VIVO Strategic Planning Group has developed a prioritized written strategy document for the VIVO project. The plan highlights key goals and recommendations that specifically focus on increasing the engagement of the VIVO community, hiring a full-time VIVO Technical Lead to make the open source development process more inclusive and transparent, and implementing a framework to increase productivity.

The Strategic Plan first defines a concise VIVO Value Proposition: “VIVO provides an integrated view of the scholarly work of an organization”. Each of the goals in the Strategic Plan is  aligned with the value proposition to ensure that the value of VIVO is enhanced to best meet the needs of the VIVO community.

Two critical goals are included in the plan. The first of these is to “Clarify and improve the VIVO value proposition” and calls for examination of the value that VIVO provides to stakeholders and improving VIVO to best meet the evolving needs of users.

The second high priority goal outlines actions to “Promote a more open and networked research ecosystem”. Proposed actions include developing stronger ties to initiatives in the networked research ecosystem and promoting improved data sharing through the use of common, interoperable data standards. Strengthening and formalizing VIVO’s relationships with ORCID, CASRAI, euroCRIS and CERIF, and CRediT are specifically recommended.

The plan was presented to the VIVO Leadership Group on February 20. The Leadership Group endorsed the value proposition, the hiring of a full-time technical lead, and the goals that are outlined in the plan.

In order to successfully implement the Strategic Plan, it is important that the wider VIVO community and its leaders engage and endorse the plan to ensure that all work undertaken by the community aligns well with strategic project goals and priorities.

As an open source project, the sustainability of VIVO depends on the active participation of VIVO community members. The success of VIVO is the responsibility of the community, and so it is important that the needs of the community are effectively communicated to the Leadership Group and the Steering Group.

The Strategic Plan can be accessed here: Questions and comments about the plan may be directed to Dean B. Krafft, VIVO Steering Group chair (dean dot krafft at cornell dot edu) or Jonathan Markow, DuraSpace CSO (jjmarkow at duraspace dot org).