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Hydra in the House

Winchester, MA  DuraSpace and The Hydra Project are pleased to announce that DuraSpace will serve as a fiscal sponsor for the Hydra Project in 2015 in order to facilitate banking, legal and administrative functions. The Hydra Project is strategically aligned with DuraSpace in meeting community needs by providing a flexible front end for Fedora, and potentially a platform that may serve the needs of community members looking to migrate content from other repository platforms. There are multiple synergies between our communities and technologies:

  • Hydra is a flexible set of OSS applications that work in conjunction with the Fedora open source software and is strategic to the success of Fedora

  • Hydra is an open source project built and implemented by many of the same members of the current DuraSpace community

  • Many of our DSpace community members are interested in learning more about Hydra

Hydra is an integral part of the full, open source set of solutions used by our community for managing and preserving digital scholarship. DuraSpace and Hydra will explore additional steps toward an even closer partnership over the course of the coming year.