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UPDATE: Toward a Strategic Vision and Technical Roadmap for DSpace

From Jonathan Markow, DuraSpace CSO

Winchester, MA  The DSpace Steering Group, working with the DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) and DuraSpace, has organized an initiative to present a strategic vision and technical roadmap for DSpace, representing significant community contributions during the past two years. 

DSpace stakeholders have held a series of discussions about DSpace's strategic direction during this period, beginning with the work of the DSpace Vision team. Most recently, Bram Luyten and Maureen Walsh hosted a number of calls inviting stakeholders to contribute DSpace use cases that they would like to see accommodated by the software.
Over the next two months Tim Donohue, DSpace Technical Lead, will work with the Steering Group and DCAT to synthesize this work and, with input from the community, create a document that will include the following:
  • A statement of the strategic vision and goals for DSpace, summarizing the work that has been done to date
  • Recommendations for moving on the path towards achieving the goals
  • A technical roadmap reflecting the priorities expressed by the community.
An update of this work will be presented at Open Repositories 2015.
DuraSpace has formed a working group to meet with Tim during this project to review his work in progress and offer feedback and assistance where needed. Working Group members include Maureen Walsh (Ohio State U), Bram Luyten (@mire), Michele Mennielli (Cineca), Ryan Steans (Texas Digital Library), Richard Rodgers (MIT), and Stuart Lewis (U of Edinburgh).
As usual, DSpace users are encouraged to offer feedback as this work progresses.
Below are some references to relevant DSpace wiki pages.
​1. Reports from the DSpace Vision working group:

This group was formed a couple of years ago to plan the direction for DSpace.  This wiki ​page includes:

  • A summary of the Visiongroup's work
  • A community survey 
  • A PPT ​presentation about the work of the group
​DCAT is a group of repository managers and tech managers who meet regularly on behalf of DSpace.  Bram Luyten and Maureen Walsh from the group led a series of phone calls to identify major use cases that are important to VIVO stakeholders.  That work is documented here.​