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Accomplishments Highlighted in 2014 DuraSpace Annual Report

Winchester, MA  The 2014 DuraSpace Annual Report tells the story of organizational accomplishments and milestones with overviews of DSpace, Fedora and VIVO open source project advances, and DuraCloud, DSpaceDirect and Archives Direct hosted services development and deployment. The report also provides key related financial analyses and membership campaign details, along with information about supporting marketing and communications initiatives and strategic partnerships.

Download the 2014 DuraSpace Annual Report here.

Major 2014 accomplishments and milestones include:

  • Launch of the membership program to support the open source projects

  • Membership growth from 98 original sponsors to 138 members

  • Established governance models in place for all three projects, including the

  • Formation of steering and leadership groups

  • Launch of Fedora 4– the completely rearchitected Fedora platform signaling the effectiveness of an international and complex community source project in delivering a modern repository platform with features that meet or exceed current use cases in the management of institutional digital assets.

  • Release of DSpace 5–a modern look and feel for every device, the ability to auto-upgrade from older versions, batch import of content and more, offering its global community of developers and stakeholders an even easier-to-use and more efficient institutional repository solution.

  • Funding and hiring of dedicated Product Managers for VIVO and Fedora

  • Continued strategic partnerships with DPN, Chronopolis and SHARE

2015 got underway with the announcement of the appointment of Debra Hanken Kurtz as DuraSpace CEO. Ms. Kurtz will continue to build new markets, community engagement and partnerships on a solid record of accomplishments and emerging opportunities. In 2014 and into the future DuraSpace is now more than ever your digital asset management go-to place for a complete suite of community source software, solutions, and services.