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CALL for SHARE Notify Atom Feed Testers

From Erin Braswell, lead developer at COS (Center for Open Science) for SHARE Notify

Charlottesville, VA  We're fast approaching the release of the public beta for SHARE Notify, and are starting to think about the finer points of how our available notification options will function in the wild. We'd love more feedback on the SHARE atom feed, specifically on how librarians and other consumers of SHARE Notify would like to use it. 
We've released a pre-beta version of the SHARE Atom feed to play around with in some real-world situations. You can access the atom feed at the url, or by entering a search at and clicking the feed button to the right of the search icon.
We need your help! In particular we'd love to know the following: 
1. How does the atom feed generally perform in your feed reader of choice?
2. Our atom feed does not include images. Does this pose a problem?
3. The feed is searchable (meaning that any search query you enter at can be made into a feed by clicking the button to the right of the search icon). Do these custom feeds function the way you need them to?
4. Our atom feed has built in pagination, using the <rel="next"> and <rel="previous"> tags in the atom header. Does this function well with your tools?
5. Does your institution use Libguides? How does this atom feed function within your Libguide?


If you would like to try out the atom feed, please do and let us know any comments or questions you may have.