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NOW AVAILABLE: Fedora 4.1.1 with Key Design Improvements

From Andrew Woods on behalf of the Fedora Team

Winchester, MA  We are proud to announce the release of Fedora 4.1.1. The release date was March 27, 2015. In addition to addressing numerous bugs, this 4.1.1 release includes the initial design work of the Fedora 3 to 4 tooling, a Vagrant box, ontology updates and improvements to the Java Client and Camel Component.

Full details with links can be found on the wiki:


Release Manager: Michael Durbin (University of Virginia)

Aaron Coburn (Amherst College)
Andrew Woods (DuraSpace)
Esme Cowles (University of California, San Diego)
Jared Whiklo (University of Manitoba)
Michael Durbin (University of Virginia)
Nianli Ma (Indiana University)
Osman Din (Yale University)
Ralf Claussnitzer (Saxon State and University Library Dresden)
Yinlin Chen (Virginia Tech)
Issue Reporters
Aaron Coburn
A. Soroka
Andrew Woods
Benjamin Armintor
Chris Riedlberger
Daniel Lamb
Esme Cowles
Hector Correa
Justin Coyne
Michael Durbin
Ralf Claussnitzer
Stefano Cossu
Yinlin Chen
Peter Eichman
1) Fedora 3 to 4 Migration
# Designed FOXML-based migration utility

2) Camel Component

# Added support for transactions
3) Repository Ontology
# Added link to previously published version of ontology in the source document
# Removed fedora:status term from repository ontology
4) Fedora Java Client

# Added ability to create version snapshots

5) Deployment

# Created Vagrant project which includes
** Fedora 4 repository
** fcrepo-message-consumer
** Solr
** Fuseki
# Changed one-click run artifacts to be executable jar files instead of war files
6) Bugs
# Updated REST behavior to return an error if a user attempts to add RdfSources to the repository that contain RDF subjects that are not repository resources
# Removed mention of JCR in JMS message headers
# Fixed bug which prevented successful behavior of LDP Indirect Containers
# Fixed bug preventing some backups to fail
# Fixed bug which allowed users with 'reader' role to unexpectedly be able to update resource properties
# Updated response status code on unauthorized property update requests
# Improved client-facing error messages
# Reintroduced fixity button in HTML console
# Fixed bug of not including all of a NonRdfSource's properties in user responses
# Fixed bug which removed valid reference properties from a resource
# Upgraded fcrepo-storage-policy build to work with recent code base changes
# Updated fcrepo-message-consumer to properly index properties on NonRdfSources
# Fixed streaming of large files in fcrepo-camel
7) Housekeeping
# Prepared for Java 8 by ensuring compliant JavaDocs
# Addressed dozens of issues flagged by our code analysis tools
** Eliminated all 'Blocker' and 'Critical' issues
# Updated project dependency versions, fcrepo4 and fcrepo-camel