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First Speakers for OAI9 DSpace User Group Meetings in Geneva

By Bram Luyten, @mire  

This summer the biennial open access initiative conference (OAI9) in Geneva takes place from June 17th to 19th. Right before the general conference, @mire and Duraspace will be hosting DSpace user group meetings at the Uni Dufour building on June 15th and June 16th.

After the success of previous user group meetings in Geneva, the program has now been extended to two days instead of one. The program on June 15th will be dedicated to the French speaking DSpace community. All of the sessions, discussions and workshops on that day (June 15th) will be held in French. Similar to previous years, the program we are putting together for June 16th will be presented in English. While these days are a great opportunity to take your first steps into the DSpace community, the program is mainly targeted at repository administrators and developers who already have some experience with the platform.

The sessions will cover a wide variety of DSpace related topics such as the new and upcoming features of DSpace, short use case presentations by attendees and many more.

We are proud to announce our first speakers for the program. Even though the full schedules for both these days are still under development, the temporary timelines are already available for June 15th (French) and June 16th (English).

Laurent Capelli (June 15th)

Laurent Capelli

Laurent Capelli is Technical Director and Project Manager at the French “Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe” (CNRS-CCSD). CCSD develops and operates a number of centrally managed services for the entire academic community in France, including and Mr. Capelli’s talk will focus on a third service: HAL, the French multidisciplinary open access repository.

Over the years, there have been a number of opportunities to integrate DSpace with HAL. Most notably, it is possible to build selective exports into institutional DSpace repositories to HAL, to ensure that researchers only need to submit their content once.

In 2014, HAL adopted SWORDv2 as the underlying protocol for this type of integrations. Mr. Capelli will discuss the adoption of this interface and recommendations for DSpace repository managers interested in this type of integration.

While this presentation offers concrete opportunities for attendees from France, it also serves as a great example for other attendees of the interaction between centralised, national infrastructure and local repositories. This presentation takes place on June 15th, as part of the program for the French speaking DSpace community.

Neil Jacobs (June 16th)

Neil Jacobs

Dr. Neil Jacobs is head of scholarly communications support at Jisc, where he is responsible for Jisc’s offer to help UK universities implement open access, in the context of the range of relevant national and international policies. He oversees information and transactional services, such as Sherpa/RoMEO, technical standards development, community support through the OA Good Practice initiative, international and strategic engagement.

Jisc develops services and tools to help UK universities implement open access. In his talk, Neil Jacobs will discuss the recent progress made on RIOXX and its impact on the institutions using DSpace. The RIOXX Guidelines and Application Profile provide a mechanism to help institutional repositories comply with the RCUK policy on open access. RIOXX focuses on applying consistency to the metadata fields used to record research funder and project/grant identifiers and is designed to support the consistent tracking of open-access research publications across scholarly systems. To non-UK attendees, the case of RIOXX is an interesting example of cross-institution collaboration on application profiles and metadata consistency.

Present your own work

We believe it is always interesting to hear other DSpace users’ use cases and solutions. For this reason we have allocated several time slots on each of the days for DSpace users with an interesting story to tell. We are allocating short blocks of 15 minutes for presentations including Q&A for this type of contribution. You can indicate your interest to give such a presentation in the registration form. Even though we hope to give the floor to each participant interested in presenting, it is possible that the schedule won’t allow for all of these presentations.

Register now for the user group meetings.

This meeting is being sponsored by DuraSpace and @mire and is free to any OAI9 attendee who wishes to participate. For planning purposes, please be sure to register by June 1st. The registration process for this user group meeting is completely separated from the general OAI9 registration.

For each of the presenters we would like to provide 15 minutes of time for a short presentation and some questions and answers. People who would like to give such a presentation can register themselves by selecting this option in the registration form.

Lunch and refreshments during the day are sponsored by @mire and Duraspace. On the evenings of June 15th and 16th, we will facilitate reservations for those attendees who are interested in joining their colleagues for dinner. Contrary to the lunch and refreshments, participants are expected to pay for their own dinner.

Click here to register for June 16th (English).

Click here to register for June 15th and 16th (French).