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Asian Development Bank Embraces Open Access

Since it was founded in 1966, the Asian Development Bank has been the leading organization fighting poverty in the Asian and Pacific region. The organisation set its goal to enhance economic collaboration by investing in regional projects. Currently, the Asian Development Bank has 67 members. All of them are countries funding the projects.

The Asian development bank uses scientific research to optimise the use of available funds. Since February, all of their publications are collected in the Open Access Repository (OAR). Together with the launch of their new repository, the ADB stated in their news article they decided to switch to an open access mindset. They also adopted more liberal terms of use for their published content, argumenting that publicly funded research should be accessible to all without requiring any form of payment. The underlying idea is when access to information is restricted for some, this will slow down further scientific research, which is disadvantageous for all parties involved.

Future developments

Currently the Open Access repository holds more than 3000 research items from the Asian Development Bank. In the near future the repository will grow until it holds over 5000 items including research dating back to ADB’s early days. Even non digitized content or content that’s currently not archived will eventually be added to the repository.

In this video, ADB’s senior communications specialist Matthew Howells explains the current and future development plans for the Open Access Repository.

@mire’s managed hosting

For managing the publishing and content distribution of its research, the Asian development bank relies on a DSpace platform hosted on @mire’s managed hosting. This service hosts the repository since its launch in February 2015.

@mire’s managed hosting leverages Amazon Web Services. Using Amazon’s flexible way of hosting the ADB has some advantages over in-house hosting at its disposal. For example: Hardware and bandwidth can be easily scaled so it can extend its capabilities when needed. Meanwhile they do not have to pay for any redundant hardware.

Due to the fact that Amazon operates data centres around the globe, clients have a range of geographic locations to choose from. For ADB specifically, the choice was made to host in the Asia-Pacific region to enjoy the best proximity to local users.

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