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DSquare Technology News: DSpace 4 and 5 Now Available in Hindi

DSquare Technologies is focused on providing turnkey solution in the field of Enterprise Content Management.  Recently the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi (NII) selected DSpace for hosting its institutional repository, which will contain contents like books, theses, annual reports, research reports and more.  Users will be able to access these contents based on nature of contents e.g. some of the hosted contents will be accessible to limited number of users and same can be accessed by “Request a Copy” feature.

NII selected DSquare Technologies, New Delhi for providing consultancy for educating NII’s team for setting up their Institutional Repository, which was followed by customization, implementation and maintenance of DSpace as per requirements of NII.

In other news, DSquare Technologies has translated DSpace versions 4.x and 5.x in Hindi. Hindi is the national language of India and as per the latest guidelines of Government of India, it is mandatory to have the Hindi version of any citizen facing application. As per the “Open Source Framework” issued by DeitY, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India, DSpace is the recommended software for Digital Archival of Information. Looking at both recommendations and the demand of DSpace in Indian users, DSquare Technologies prepared Hindi versions of DSpace. Such a translated interface of DSpace in Hindi will make it possible for 80% plus non English speaking population of India to use information hosted on DSpace.

DSquare Technologies, New Delhi is the first DSpace Registered Service Provider in India and is focused on providing solutions for and around Enterprise Content Management to various institutions across country focusing solely on DSpace.