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OAI9 Geneva Pre-Conference DSpace Meetings Offered in French and English

From the @mire organising committee: Benoît Wéry, Bram Luyten and Ignace Deroost

Heverlee, Belgium  The biennial CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI9) will take place this year from June 17th until June 19th in Geneva. This year, @mire will organise pre-conference DSpace specific user group meetings on the 15th & 16th of June. You are kindly invited to attend these meetings.

On June 15th we will dedicate the day to French speaking DSpace users. All presentations, workshops & discussions will be held in French. You can find the temporary schedule for this day on this web page.
During the meeting on June 16th we will discuss several DSpace related topics such as the latest features in DSpace 5 and an outlook on what you may expect for DSpace 6. DuraSpace will give us an update on future developments and we will host some interesting presentations. During this day, English will be the main language employed. Although the schedule is currently under development, you can find a temporary timeline on this web page.
On each day we have allocated a number of timeslots for 15 minute guest presentations of attendees. In case you would like to present your own DSpace use cases or recent/future developments, please indicate this by checking off this option in the registration form. Even though we hope to give the floor to each participant interested in presenting, it is possible that the schedule won’t allow for all of these presentations.
This meeting is being sponsored by DuraSpace and @mire and is free to anyone who wishes to participate. For planning purposes, please be sure to register by June 1st. The registration process for this user group meeting is completely separated from the general OAI9 registration.
Lunch and refreshments during the day are sponsored by @mire and Duraspace. On the evening of both meeting days, we will facilitate reservations for those attendees who are interested in joining their colleagues for dinner. Contrary to the lunch and refreshments, participants are expected to pay for their own dinner.