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Finish Off Your Digital Preservation To-do List with ArchivesDirect

Winchester, MA  Everyone has a different set of priorities when it comes to planning for digital preservation. Here are some examples of items that might appear on a typical digital preservation to-do list:

1. leverage hosted online service to manage preservation process

2. apply different levels of preservation to different types of content

3. do more than back up content on spare hard drives

4. keep copies in multiple locations

5. make sure content remains viable

ArchivesDirect is a powerful hosted service that can help you cross off the items on your digital preservation to-do list. The combined Archivematica plus DuraCloud ArchivesDirect service meets all 21 aspects of managing and preserving digital objects identified by the IMLS-funded white paper “From Theory to Action”. The aim of the report developed by the POWRR (Preserving Digital Objects With Restricted Resources) Project is to provide an analysis of digital preservation solutions for under-resourced institutions. ArchivesDirect meets these challenges by providing tools and services for ingest, preservation, storage and maintenance over time.

ArchivesDirect is priced competitively at $11,900 annually for the ArchivesDirect standard plan, and the cost for additional TBs is one-third the price of other services. This cost advantage makes it possible for institutions of any size to participate in active digital preservation of their collections without having to spend time and money developing tools and infrastructure in-house.

Here are resources that will help you decide how to start crossing off the items on your digital preservation to-do list:

• WATCH a 3-min. Quickbyte Video about ArchivesDirect:
• GET a quote:

REGISTER HERE for the ArchivesDirect Webinar, May 26, 1:00PM ET 

This webinar will take you through how to process content through a digital preservation system with a  brief review of use case scenarios and demonstration of how those use cases would be applied using ArchivesDirect. Attendees will see variations on the processing workflow along with the resulting archival package (AIP) and its metadata (METS.xml with PREMIS).