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Longsight Contributes New DSpace Storage Options

Independence, Ohio  Longsight has developed a refactored version of bitstream storage with a Pluggable Assetstore. This reworked version of bitstream storage allows new storage options to be implemented easily in DSpace, including Amazon S3.  
Longsight is also providing an implementation using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 storage layer, which enhances DSpace running in the cloud. AWS S3 is a highly-scalable, reliable, and low-latency data storage infrastructure at very low costs. Objects stored in S3 are 99.999999999% durable, and can sustain the loss of multiple facilities. Longsight is using S3 bitstream storage for instances hosted on AWS, and will be contributing this feature to DSpace 6.
Why are these AWS options important?
  • Automatic checksums are built in to the Amazon S3 service that systematically ensures the integrity of stored data, alleviating DSpace from having to run time-consuming checksum tasks on the data. 
  • AWS S3 has features such as Server Side Encryption (encrypting all data stored in S3), and Cross-Region Replication (automatically storing replicas of the data in regions hundreds of miles apart). 
  • AWS S3 has dynamic pricing so you pay for what you use, as opposed to having a sysadmin monitor and grow a locally managed storage array. 
  • AWS S3 can store individual files up to 5TB.
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