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Last Seats for June 15-16 DSpace Meetings in Geneva

From Bram Luyten, @mire

With less than a month to go until the OAI 9 conference in Geneva we are proud to announce the final batch of speakers. Previously,Laurent Capelli (June 15th) and Neil Jacobs (June 16th) already confirmed their attendance. They will be accompanied by Richard Jones, Nik Stanbridge, Debra Hanken Kurtz and Tim Donohue who will present on June 16th. You can access the complete schedule for theFrench speaking meeting as well as the English speaking meeting online.

In case you did not yet register for the pre-conference DSpace user group meetings, you can do so through the following links:

Click here to register for the French speaking user group meeting on June 15th
Click here to register for the English speaking user group meeting on June 16th

Monitoring OA compliance by Richard Jones

Picture of Richard Jones

Richard has been working in Open Source and in/around Higher Education for over a decade. He is a long term contributor to open source software, and in particular the DSpace repository platform. He is also an advocate of Open Access, and has written numerous articles on the subject, as well as co-authoring a book on institutional repositories. He has worked for a number of large higher education institutions over the years, including the University of Edinburgh, the University of Bergen and Imperial College London.

During several Cottage Labs projects, Richard built Open Access compliance monitoring tools for repository managers. DSpace repositories can benefit greatly from ingesting Open Access compliance information. For this reason he will present current compliance monitoring and reporting opportunities. With future DSpace developments in mind we will end the session by iterating over DSpace’s future must-haves regarding OA policy compliance.

Long term preservation by Nik Stanbridge

Picture of Nik Stanbridge

Over 15 years’ experience product marketing and product management has taught Nik a thing or two about managing product lifecycles and devising the kind of marketing strategies that help businesses to flourish and grow. At Arkivum, he occupies the precarious position of VP Marketing. Not only does Nik have responsibility for the entire marketing, he also applies his significant business experience and know-how to ensure customers are kept happy and well-informed, and the sales team are fully occupied.

As extensive bitstreams require much storage space, the preservation of such bitstreams can be very costly. Nik will present Arkivum’s way of coping with long term preservation of large repository content. Arkivum's archiving solution, the Arkivum Service, is based on tape libraries, which are able to store large amounts of data in an affordable way. @mire already integrated this service into DSpace at the University of Hertfordshire. They utilise Arkivum's A-Stor module for the preservation of large research datasets.

Picture of Debra Hanken KurtzPicture of Tim Donohue

DuraSpace update by Tim Donohue and Debra Hanken Kurtz

Debra Hanken Kurtz is DuraSpace’s CEO. She will present on the current state of affairs at DuraSpace as well as the current DSpace governance model through a video presentation. After this presentation there will be a live video connection with Debra allowing for a short questions and answers session.

After Debra’s update on DuraSpace, Tim Donohue will present future DSpace developments. Tim is technical lead for DSpace at DuraSpace and has recently examined the most prominent improvements DSpace should make in the (mid-)long term. With assistance from DCAT and the DSpace developer community, he bundled all of his findings in a technology roadmap. Tim will present the current roadmap through a video presentation as well. Any questions can be asked afterwards during a live video call with him.

Register now

In case you are interested in attending the OAI pre-conference DSpace user group meetings, please make sure to register soon. We will close registrations in the near future. You can register by using the links below. Note the registration form for the French speaking day (June 15th) also provides the option to register for both days.

Click here to register for the French speaking user group meeting on June 15th
Click here to register for the English speaking user group meeting on June 16th