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ArchivesDirect Webinar Series Recordings Available

Earlier this year Artefactual Systems and the DuraSpace organization launched ArchivesDirect, a complete hosted solution for preserving valuable institutional collections and all types of digital resources.  This month Artefactual Systems’ Sarah Romkey and Courtney Mumma curated and presented a Hot Topics: The DuraSpace Community Webinar Series entitled, "Digital Preservation with ArchivesDirect: Ready, Set, Go!"

This series provides detailed insights into developing institutional workflows to prepare and go forward with using ArchivesDirect to preserve and store valuable digital content over time.

The first webinar, “Digital Preservation with ArchivesDirect: Ready, Set...,” showed institutions how to get started preparing their digital content for preservation using the ArchivesDirect hosted service. Attendees came away with an understanding of the steps needed to get born digital and digitized content, along with its metadata, staged for ingest and archival storage.

The second webinar, “Digital Preservation with ArchivesDirect: Go!,”  consisted of a live demonstration of the ArchivesDirect hosted digital preservation service. Attendees saw variations on the processing workflows available along with resulting archival packages (AIP) and associated metadata (METS.xml with PREMIS).

Both webinar recordings and presentation slides are available at

To learn more about ArchivesDirect please visit