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Provider IT Neki Technologies launches Brasiliana Fotográfica Portal

From Tiago Ferreira, Provider IT Neki Technologies, Rio de Janeiro
On April 17th, the National Library of Brazil and the Moreira Salles Institute presented the new portal, Brasiliana Fotografica.  ‪The Brasiliana Fotográfica Portal is a space that provides visibility, stimulating discussion and reflection on the achievements of this documentary genre, addressing it as a primary source and as digital heritage to be preserved.‬‬ ‪Highlights of the portal include important parts of the history of Brazil, such as the photo collection of D. Thereza Christina Maria (Empress of Brazil), collected by D. Pedro II (Emperor), a set of portraits of the imperial family, made by Joaquim Insley Pacheco (Princess` Isabel photography teacher) and the full range of stereograms (stereoscopic photography, 3D) of Revert Henry Klumb, with general images of the city of Rio de Janeiro and the Imperial Palace of Petropolis.‬‬‬‬
Provider IT Neki Technologies developed this portal using Dspace version 4.2, including some developments:
  • Feature of image immersion (deep zoom) and slideshow.
  • Possibility to create some sort of workgroup, where the registered users can create sets of its favorite images and organize them into workgroups. These workgroups can be viewed as a fullscreen slideshow. 
  • Integration with Wordpress, where the images from DSpace composes an image gallery on Wordpress.
  • Facebook registration and login
  • Facebook sharing
Though the initiative began with the joint efforts of the National Library Foundation and the Instituto Moreira Salles, it is the hope that other institutions in Brazil and abroad will contribute their related digital files.