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Figshare and DuraCloud Announce New Partnership

From Dan Valen, Product Specialist, @figshare

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with DuraCloud as a way to better manage and store your institution’s research data.

The collaboration will combine the end-user experience of with the powerful storage, management, and preservation functionalities of DuraCloud. With figshare for Institutions, universities and colleges can manage their research outputs from point of creation and data management plan through to its publication and subsequent impact. DuraCloud automatically copies institutional content onto several different cloud storage providers. The figshare and DuraCloud collaboration will then ensure all of the captured data is managed and preserved appropriately to align with institutional and funder policies.  

Per DuraCloud’s website, “DuraCloud makes it easy to store and do more in the cloud. Our service makes the preservation of your content simple and cost effective. DuraCloud is the only service that makes it easy to move copies of your content into the cloud and store them with several different providers, all with just one click. We eliminate the risk of storing content with a single cloud provider by making it easy to move and copy files of any size or format. Once your content is in DuraCloud, you can do more with your data. We are continually adding more services to make your content safer and easier to share.”

All data can be easily pushed from figshare to DuraCloud with archiving options managed through DuraCloud itself. This way the library can ensure that all captured data adheres to the researcher’s DMP/grant requirements or any existing internal policies on archiving and preservation.

One area where DuraCloud goes above and beyond is around preservation. DuraCloud is an open source software so it can live on the Amazon S3 storage or be built on top of existing institutional infrastructure. Since DuraCloud also ties directly into Amazon Glacier, the Digital Preservation Network through the DuraCloud Vault node (in partnership with Chronopolis, which is run out of the University of California, San Diego), institutions can use DuraCloud as a service for additional archiving and preservation of all figshare content as they see fit.

This is a really exciting development on our end because there’s been a lot of thought put into the archiving and preservation capabilities of DuraCloud. As a result, the academic community will be able to take advantage of these tools to decide on what institutional data to preserve and how they want to preserve it.

If you would like to hear more about how we’re working with DuraCloud, or to see how ‘figshare for institutions’ could be a good fit at your university or college, please get in touch via or via twitter, facebook or google+.