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NOW AVAILABLE: Fedora 3.8.1 for Institutions Running Fedora 3 as a Production Service

Winchester, MA  On June 11, 2015 Fedora 3.8.1 was released with bug fixes and improvements that include performance improvements, code cleanup and reorganization, and upgrades of library dependencies to the most modern versions possible for stability. It should be noted that Fedora 3.8.1 is the FINAL release of the Fedora 3.x branch. Fedora 3.8.1 is primarily intended for institutions running Fedora 3 as a production service.

All new users are encouraged to install the new, revitalized Fedora 4 featuring vast improvements in scalability, linked data capabilities, research data support, modularity, ease of use and more. For those interested in learning more about Fedora 4, a training camp has been scheduled at Duke University November 16-18. More information about what will be covered and how to register is available here.

Fedora 3.8.1 Release notes:

3.8.1 Bug Fixes and Improvements:

JDK Compatibility

In accordance with the Fedora JDK Support Policy, Fedora 3.8.1 release binaries were built under Java 8, and will not run under JDK 7.

JDK 7 Sites

The source code should still be compilable under JDK 7 with minor edits to the pom.xml. The functional changes for the release were completed under v3.8.1-RC2, with subsequent changes limited to Javadoc changes and the JDK 8 target.

JDK 8 Javadoc Linter and JAXB

The javadoc distributed with JDK 8 validates with a stricter linter, and the JAXB generated code in the project will not produce valid javadoc if the JAXB implementation version is less than 2.2.11. While it is unnecessary to run Fedora 3.8.1, installers or developers who wish to run the maven site or javadoc plugins on the Fedora 3.8.1 codebase may need to use the Java Endorsed Standards Override Mechanism to install a more recent JAXB implementation.


The binaries for this release may be downloaded on Sourceforge or from Maven Central. The project may be built from source at GitHub.


The Fedora project would not be possible without the support of its community. In particular, this release is indebted to the following individuals and institutions for contributions:

  • Benjamin Armintor, Columbia University

  • Scott Prater, University of Wisconsin


The 3.8.1 release was motivated by reports of difficulties in migrating or exporting content from older Fedora releases, in particular by sites migrating to Fedora 4.