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Watch the DSpace Roadmap Talk, Send Feedback and Get Involved

From Tim Donohue, DSpace Tech Lead, DuraSpace

Winchester, MA  If you were unable to attend the DSpace Interest Group sessions at either OR15 (in Indianapolis last week) or OAI9 (in Geneva yesterday), you may have heard some talk on Twitter and mailing lists about the DSpace Technology Roadmap (for 2015-2016) which was presented at those conferences.

• The video of this Roadmap talk (25 minutes) is available on YouTube:

• The slides are available at:
• The Roadmap itself is publicly documented on the Wiki at:
If you are interested in where DSpace is going in the next few years, I'd highly recommend reviewing the Roadmap and providing us with any feedback you may have. Feedback can be provided (anonymously if you wish) at or via the #dspaceplan hashtag on Twitter.
We are also still actively looking for institutions to participate in the Roadmap by donating (part-time) developers to the cause or joining
as a DuraSpace Member (
Please get in touch, if you are interested in a more active role. Your institution will be recognized for your efforts, and your developer(s)
may end up being nominated as future DSpace Committers.
If there are any questions regarding the RoadMap or the Strategic Plan, please send them to the DSpace mailing list or contact me <tdonohue@duraspace.orgdirectly.