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DSpace User Group Highlights from OAI9

From Bram Luyten, @mire  

Heverlee, Belgium  The OAI9 Conference held in Geneva shed light on a wide range of current open access developments. With over 138 countries represented, it was more than a success. As member of the organizing committee Jens Vigen stated: “Geneva is the place where people meet and particles collide”. We could not agree more.

Leading up to the OAI9 conference @mire organised two DSpace user group meetings. DSpace users from all over Europe gathered to catch up with each other’s ideas and use cases. Each user group meeting, covering a full day of presentations and discussions, provided such interesting stories that we did not want to keep them to ourselves. Which better way to share them with you than using an open access repository? Thus we submitted the presentations to DSpace. You can access them by browsing the links below.

French speaking DSpace User Group meeting on June 15th

We organised a French speaking day to respond to the growing French speaking DSpace community. The fact there are emerging platforms like HAL covering multiple French repositories only strengthens our belief the communauté francophone will soon be a general understanding in the repository world.


Benoît Wéry presenting the opportunities of a HAL-DSpace combination

International DSpace User Group meeting on June 16th

During the English speaking day we had the honour to welcome international speakers from the broad repository field. After these presentations and discussions, DSpace Tech Lead Tim Donohue and Duraspace CEO Debra Hanken Kurtz revealed the upcoming plans for DSpace and the DuraSpace organisation. Watch the video recordings of their presentations along with many others by clicking the links below.


Andrew Mwesigwa talking to DSpace tech lead Tim Donohue

Participate in the DSpace Community

Seize the opportunity to participate in the international DSpace community. If you are a repository manager and want to talk to your peers in a monthly call, the DCAT (DSpace Community Advisory Team) is the place to go. If you are a developer who is more comfortable using IRC (internet relay chat), other developers welcome you with open arms in their weekly developer meetings.

If you are thinking of organizing a local workshop or training, know that @mire experts are available and would be happy to travel to your institution or present remotely. Contact us to engage @mire for training and workshop activities.