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DSpace in Vietnam with Registered Service Provider D & L Technology Integration and Consulting

Winchester, MA  Efforts are increasing at institutions around the world to provide open access to global culture and scholarship including theses, dissertations, journals, digitized materials, special collections, maps, videos, audio recordings and other types of data. D & L Technology Integration and Consulting, a new DuraSpace Registered Service Provider located in Hanoi-Vietnam is part of that worldwide effort. D & L offers a range of library and technologies that include open source and proprietary solutions tailored for southeast asian institutions. Currently they serve customers in Vietnam and Laos where there are more than 400-500 public and academic libraries.

DuraSpace recently spoke with D & L principles Dung Hoang and Bui Tien Phong to learn about their company and the work they are engaged in with library communities in southeast Asia.

D & L has been in the library support business since 2009 and began providing DSpace services two years ago as part of an ongoing effort to expand their open source offerings. They feel that the advantages of introducing integrated open source software solutions to the Vietnamese and Laotian library communities–Koha, a library system for printed materials, and DSpace, for digital materials–are both financial and strategic. Open source software solutions allow users to have free and flexible access to a high quality code base utilizing accepted international standards backed by a global community of active developers.

Many libraries in Vietnam use regionally-developed software that does not conform to  library standards or best practices. D & L is the only company in Vietnam providing both support and services for open source library software. Their growing customer base favors the solutions that they provide over local alternatives. D& L also offers hands-on support and staff training services that have emerged from their ongoing analysis of library needs. Staff and leaders appreciate their commitment to working with libraries as they navigate challenging transitions from legacy systems.

D & L also works with the Vietnamese Ministries of Education and Training, Ministry of Technology and Science and Vietnamese Library Association to showcase the affordability and utility of open source. It is their hope that open source digital access and preservation solutions will be applied across Vietnam.

D & L uses current DSpace 5.0 features and has implemented DSpace 5.2 for their clients. They have translated DSpace into Vietnamese and are developing additional customized features and functionality.

To learn more about D & L Technology Integration Consulting visit their web site <>, <>  or contact Dung Hoang <>.