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Welcome Graham Triggs: New Technical Lead for the VIVO Project

Winchester, MA  The DuraSpace organization is pleased to announce that Graham Triggs has accepted a position with DuraSpace as the Technical Lead for the VIVO Project effective September 21, 2015. In his new role as VIVO Technical Lead, Graham will work closely with Mike Conlon, the VIVO Project Director, VIVO project governance, and the VIVO community to implement the roadmap for VIVO, the open source semantic web platform that creates an integrated record of the scholarly work of an organization.

Triggs is based in London and is an experienced technical analyst and software developer with a history of collaborating with colleagues and clients from around the world. As Head of Repository Systems at Symplectic since 2011, Triggs recently helped integrate Symplectic’s research information management system, Elements, with VIVO, allowing the structured research data captured within Elements to be represented inside VIVO. He also led the integration of Elements with institutional repositories in addition to developing web services for DSpace, EPrints and Fedora open source repository platforms. In addition he helped to implement and support individual client integrations by gathering technical requirements and representing client product development needs.

“I’m thrilled to have Graham onboard as tech lead for the VIVO Project.  Graham brings a wealth of experience, insight and talent to his new role,” said Mike Conlon, VIVO Project Director.

Triggs said, “For the last 20 years, I have been developing systems for the dissemination and discovery of research, mostly focused on open access, open data and open source. Most recently, I have not only seen how important it is for institutions to have a complete, consistent record of scholarly work, but also the value of publishing linked open datasets of key information. As an extension of these interests, I'm excited to be joining DuraSpace, and working with the VIVO community to grow this emerging field of semantic research networking software.”

DuraSpace and the VIVO Project teams extend a warm welcome to Graham in his new role as the VIVO Technical Lead, and look forward to his contributions to the broad, collaborative VIVO movement that will shape the future of research.