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REGISTER: Fedora 4 Workshop at eResearch Australasia in October

Winchester, MA  A one-day Fedora 4 Training Workshop will be held on October 23, 2015 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The event coincides with the eResearch Australasia Conference and will take place in the same venue–the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. The workshop is being generously subsidized by the University of New South Wales (UNSW) so the cost for attending is only $80AUD. Register here.

About the Fedora 4 Training Workshop

Fedora is a robust, modular, open source repository platform for the management, preservation, and dissemination of digital content, including research data. Fedora, the new, revitalized version of the software, was released into production in November of 2014. Fedora 4 features include vast improvements in scalability, linked data capabilities, research data support, modularity, ease of use, and more.

This Fedora 4 Training Workshop will provide an introduction to and overview of Fedora 4, with a focus on migration and Fedora 4’s latest features. After an initial review of the most significant new features, participants will learn about how to migrate from earlier versions of Fedora to Fedora 4. This will include a review and demonstration of available migration tools, as well as a discussion on data modeling best practices. There will also be a presentation on UNSW’s recently completed Fedora 3 to 4 migration work.

Attendees will have the opportunity (in Section 4) to participate in a hands-on session and explore Fedora 4 by following step-by-step instructions using a preconfigured virtual machine environment. This will give participants a chance to explore the new features and experience Fedora 4 first-hand. Developers and administrators interested in working on Fedora 4 will learn about the software development process and procedures, including how to integrate Fedora 4 with external applications, such as search platforms (e.g. Solr) and triplestores.

Two of the overall aims of the workshop are to encourage familiarity with and uptake of Fedora 4 within the Australian repository community, and bring Australian developers into the global Fedora community while raising our profile in the research support arena.

For more information including a full agenda please visit the wiki. Space is limited so reserve your spot today! Register here:  Please contact David Wilcox <> with questions.