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UPDATE: SHARE Research Information Systems Task Group

Winchester, MA  The SHARE ( Research Information Systems Task Group led by DuraSpace CEO Debra Hanken Kurtz will write a brief white paper that surfaces key considerations concerning the quality and completeness of research activity administrative data. Participants in the group include representatives of stakeholders at universities, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and government agencies. The white paper will advance the discussion of how SHARE can integrate these data into the SHARE Notify system, as well as enhance it and return it to research administration stakeholders.

The targeted systems for review in the assessment include the following:

  • BePress

  • Converis

  • Digital Measures

  • Elsevier Pure

  • Profiles RNS - (Harvard) PubMed

  • Science CV

  • Symplectic Elements

  • VIVO

The task group will meet in early September after having reached out to the community to gain access to APIs and metadata for analysis by the Center for Open Science (COS). The following milestones have been identified as necessary in order to produce a best practices document:

  • Collect metadata from various systems - group members will reach out to community

  • Assess contents - COS

  • Review/draft White Paper - group

  • Prioritize recommendations using MoSCoW Method* - group

  • Review/Edit - repeat as necessary - group

  • Complete white paper - group

The group will organize requirements in categories that either Must, Should, Could, and Won’t be implemented. They expect that the priorities will shift over time as the project and ecosystem evolve. The task group will decide on a target completion date at the September meeting after they have assessed how easy it will be to gain access to a critical mass of APIs and/or metadata.