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JOIN "VIVO Stories": Introducing People, Projects, Ideas and Innovation

The Telling VIVO Stories Task Force is underway! The task force goal is to grow our open source community and actively engage with its members by sharing each others stories. The first three stories are now available to inspire and answer questions about how others have implemented VIVO at their institutions:

Does this effort look interesting? Do you have a story to share? Great! We invite you to consider joining VIVO storytellers.

The Telling VIVO Stories Task Force increases interactions and builds deeper connections among community members by encouraging the development and distribution of stories about innovative VIVOs. The stories are generated from interviews conducted by members from other VIVO institutions using a simple set of questions.

Once the stories are approved they are published widely throughout the VIVO and DuraSpace communities. This growing corpus of real-world examples will make it easier for new VIVO users to learn more about how other community members went about implementing VIVO.

“Telling VIVO Stories” Task Force objectives:

  • Increase engagement of  VIVO community members through the familiar process of storytelling;
  • Develop more and deeper connections among and between VIVO community members and beyond; provide an avenue for community members to develop personal relationships;
  • Generate awareness, interest, and participation of the wider VIVO and open source community by "connecting the research dots" about the activities and accomplishments of VIVO community members and institutions in the emerging research data landscape

Please join us in sharing the energy, enthusiasm and good ideas of the VIVO community. Contact Julia Trimmer, Telling VIVO Stories Task Force chair <>.