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Introducing the VIVO Community Pages

Hidden treasures are even better when they are discovered. The VIVO community wiki pages are one of those treasures. This section of the DuraSpace wiki offers the VIVO community a wealth of information, best practices and valuable resources that can assist institutions in implementing, managing and sharing VIVO data and resources. Here are highlights of what you will find in the VIVO Community pages.

Considering VIVO

If you are thinking about or planning a VIVO implementation you will find a concise overview of VIVO features and functionality here including FAQs, slide presentations, recordings, historic information and more.

Planning a VIVO Implementation

A common VIVO process question arises once a university decides to take the next step. How do institutions assess the effort and resources that will be required to implement VIVO, even though the open source software is freely available?  How long will it take; what kind of people are needed; how much does it cost; where do I start, and; is there a sample plan for implementing VIVO?  A recent task force, led by Violeta Ilik from Northwestern University, addressed these and other questions. As a result of their efforts an entirely new section of the Community VIVO wiki, Planning a VIVO Implementation has been added to the VIVO Community pages. This section describes the planning steps required to implement VIVO and includes suggestions for all aspects of the process–project management, outreach and community engagement, data management, and technical development in perspective, with sections devoted to analysis, design, implementation, launch and maintenance for each.

Event Calendar, Events Organized by the VIVO Community, Conferences Attended and to Attend

These three sections help you plan your participation in the active VIVO community that is working on many simultaneous fronts all at once. Tracking past and upcoming meetings and events are facilitated by these sections:

The VIVO Event Calendar is the place to check to keep up to date with community online meetings and events.

Upcoming and past face-to-face community events with links to more information can be found in Events Organized by the VIVO Community section.

External events and conferences where VIVO is planning to have a presence are summarized in Conferences Attended and to Attend.

Adoption Materials

Useful, printable materials and resources to help you share information about the dynamic VIVO platform and community it serves help you “make the case for VIVO” within your institution or at meetings and conferences here.

Email listservs

Keeping in touch with VIVO colleagues who share your interests is the subject of the Email listservs page where you will find links to information about how to join a list. The listservs focused on relevant aspects of VIVO community activity of interest may be found here.

Sites Implementing VIVO

“Who’s using VIVO” is a key question for institutions who are considering adding VIVO to their software stack. This up-to-date list of 26 instittions who have prduction VIVO sites and 86 more that are in various stages of implementation will be of interest here.

Social Media

If you are interested in following recent VIVO news and community achievements as a way of keeping up with what’s going on, then check in on VIVO social media here. VIVO maintains twitter, facebook and linkedIn pages.

Branding, Logos, Templates, and Identity Guidelines

Do you need the VIVO logo for a presentation or poster you are preparing? This page has links to VIVO logos, Guidelines for their use and a Powerpoint template here.

Maintaining the VIVO Wiki

“Wiki gardening” or “weeding” the corpus of 1700 VIVO wiki pages is an ongoing organizational and maintenance task that the community can be particularly helpful with. Here are some guidelines if you are inspired to help make the VIVO wiki an even better community resource.