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Tell a DSpace Story to Introduce People, Ideas and Innovation

The Telling DSpace Stories work group got underway this fall. The goal is to introduce DSpace community members and the work they are doing by sharing each others stories. The first five stories are now available to answer questions about how others have implemented DSpace at several types of institutions in different parts of the world:

Does this effort look interesting? Do you know of a story you would like to share? We invite you to consider joining DSpace storytellers. This is a grassroots effort and there are no meetings. The stories are generated from interviews conducted by members from other DSpace institutions using a simple set of questions. More information including guidelines and interview questions is available here.

Once the stories are approved by the interviewee they are published widely throughout the DSpace and DuraSpace communities. This growing corpus of real-world examples serves the community by making it easier for new DSpace users to learn more about how other community members went about implementing DSpace.


Please join us in sharing the energy, enthusiasm and good ideas of the DSpace community. Join the Telling DSpace Stories work group by contacting Carol Minton Morris at <>.