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Subscribe to the DuraSpace Quickbyte Video Channel

Winchester, MA  Information seekers can now find videos and broadcasts tailored to almost any interest or topic online. Reading long emails went the way of the dinosaurs as rich media viewed on our phones became the way many of us access news and information. DuraSpace has joined the fray by establishing the DuraSpace Quickbyte video series on YouTube.

Current DSpace, Fedora, VIVO and cloud services community topics of interest are covered in DuraSpace Quickbytes–short broadcasts that provide a quick look at what’s going on in and around DuraSpace—your digital preservation go-to place for community source software, solutions, and services. Here are some recent Quickbytes:

• Catching up with Fedora 4

• About Becoming a DuraSpace Member

• About the DSpaceDirect Hosted Repository Solution

The DuraSpace Quickbyte channel features broadcasts that keep you informed in just a few quick bytes! Tune in–it only takes three minutes. You may subscribe to the DuraSpace Quickbyte YouTube channel to learn about the most recent broadcast here. If you have an idea for a Quickbyte video please contact Carol Minton Morris <>.