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HELP Create a DSpace 6.0 Test Plan for Non-Developers

From Bram Luyten, @mire  

Heverlee, Belgium  To follow up on one of the topics that came up at the UK DSpace User Group Meeting last week, I am distributing information about the test plan that DCAT (DSpace Community Advisory Team) is currently building.

The primary goal is to create a test plan for people without a background in software development. It is also important that most (if not all) tests should be carried out through the DSpace user interface, requiring no direct server access or server manipulation.
The current draft of the XMLUI test plan is available at: XMLUI Test plan
Anyone can request edit access to contribute.
This is what you can do
- Add new tests if you detect that some features are not covered yet by the current tests
- Help extending the current test by making descriptions and expected results clear & unambiguous. This may also mean that you need to split specific tests.
If you feel insecure about editing directly in the document, adding Google doc style "comments" is also a great way to communicate your issues and concerns with some of these tests.
What's in it for you?
Even though the plan is currently designed as a plan to test releases of the DSpace source code releases themselves, the vast majority of these tests will be very useful for your own test plans if you plan to carry out the upgrade of your own repository.
By contributing to this effort you will effectively reduce the efforts for your own DSpace upgrades and the efforts for DSpace users around the globe.
What about JSPUI?
Many of these tests will also apply to JSPUI. It is envisioned that the XMLUI test plan will be duplicated for JSPUI at some point, after which a sense check can happen on those tests for JSPUI. If anyone with an interest in JSPUI already wants to start and maintain this JSPUI specific copy of the tests, please contact me.
What's the timeline?
This test plan will be a major tool for the Jan 4th-16th testathon. This means the work on the creation of the test plan should be wrapped up before the end of the year.