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INVITATION to Join the New Fedora Community Book Club

From Andrew Woods, Fedora Tech Lead

Winchester, MA  A book club or reading group offers readers an opportunity to have focused discussions about what they are reading. Currently more than 5 million adults are thought to participate in a wide variety of reading groups.*  

Recent Fedora Camp participants expressed specific interest in starting a community book club. The new Fedora Community Book Club is forming to offer participants a discussion forum on topics related to Fedora development starting with the following book: "Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist, Effective Modeling in RDFS and OWL" by Dean Allemang and Jim Hendler.

The first meeting of the Fedora Community Book Club will take place as soon as is reasonable, but we would first like to like to extend an invitation to anyone in the community who might be interested to join. Please add your name and email address to this Google spreadsheet by Dec 1, and acquire the book right away if you would like to participate.

* Heller, N., Book Clubs:, July 2011