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Updated VIVO Website Tells VIVO Story

Winchester, MA  The VIVO Project has launched a new website ( focused on telling the VIVO story, and simplifying access to all forms of information regarding VIVO.

Short videos tell the VIVO story—how VIVO is connecting data to provide an integrated view of the scholarly work of an organization, how VIVO uses open standards to share data, and how VIVO is used to discover patterns of collaboration and work within and between organizations.

Using a clean web design, the new site minimizes navigation and provides easy access to product information and participation in the VIVO open source community.  Using a mobile-first approach, the new site displays well on phones, tablets and computers.

In addition, the new website highlights partners, project members, service providers, and provides a registry of VIVO sites.

We hope you enjoy the new site and look forward to your feedback.