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Cineca Highlights Recent Events and Developments

From Michele Mennielli, Cineca  

Bologna, Italy  In the last two months Cineca attended two very important IT events focused on support for Higher Education. At both events the Italian Consortium presented its research ecosystem related activities, focusing on DSpace and DSpace-CRIS.

The first event was October’s EDUCAUSE 2015 Conference in Indianapolis where almost 8,000 delegates attended from all over the World. Cineca’s paper about DSpace-CRIS was accepted. Our presentation offered an opportunity to engage in a very interesting conversation about the role of Repositories in the coming years with attendees. We took the opportunity to inform the audience that the entire DSpace Community has been involved in a very important project: identification of the right technologies to converge on a single, better, UI instead of the two that are currently available. The news was very much appreciated by all attendees.

The second event was November’s euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting in Barcelona. This was an important event for Cineca, since many organizations from all over Europe presented their activities and shared information about their adoption of DSpace-CRIS for national projects.  During the event the Italian Consortium presented the new integration between DSpace-CRIS and ORCID, together with a new regional project in the North of Italy where a municipality and 3 different institutions will adopt DSpace-CRIS to exchange and disseminate information about their research activities.

Another interesting initiative was presented at euroCRIS is the South European Link for Research Information Management (SELRIM). Four organizations are currently involved in the project (FCCN from Portugal, CSUC from Catalunia, EKT from Greece and Cineca from Italy), sharing best practices and innovative approaches with the other members– particularly the ones related to Open Source solutions (DSpace, DSpace-CRIS) and international Standards (CERIF, ORCID, OAI-PMH).

On the technical side Cineca is ready to release DSpace-CRIS 5.4.0 at the beginning of December. The new version offers interesting new functionality for the Community:

  • Compliance with the latest bug fix release of DSpace 5.4;

  • Import/export from excel for all the managed entities;

  • Integration with Scopus, WOS, Google Scholar e Altmetrics for visualizing bibliometric data for each article and/or aggregated for authors and departments;

  • Additional improvements in the bibliometric functionality such as historical data, incremental analysis and a framework for calculating rankings and percentiles.