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UPDATE: Fedora Community Book Club Kick-off

From Andrew Woods, Fedora Tech Lead

Winchester, MA  An organizing group met recently to discuss and define the logistics for discussions of the Fedora Community Book Club selection: "Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist". Here are the details:

We will move through the book at a casual pace with the following schedule:
• Jan 2016: chapters 1-3
• Feb: chapters 4-6
• Mar: chapters 7-8
• Apr: chapters 9-10
• May: chapters 11-12
• Jun: chapters 13-14
• Jul: chapters 15-16
In an attempt to make participation as open and flexible as possible, discussion meeting sign-up sheets will be available each month covering a variety of days and times. Hopefully there is a discussion time that works for everyone... if not, please add another slot!
Start reading now! Here is the January discussion sign-up sheets for chapters 1-3:
You will also be interested to know that Dr. Jim Hendler, a coauthor of the book, has agreed to help kick off the book club with an open teleconference at the end of January. We are still working out the details; stay tuned. In preparation for Dr. Hendler's session, please begin collecting questions and topics that would be instructive as we begin this exploration:
On other logistical notes:
1. We would like to have a series of google-documents that will act as both references for keeping up with a summary of the book's content and relevant tools/resources as well as a record of our community's interpretation of the book. Each discussion session should establish one or more scribes to contribute notes to these documents, starting with:
2. We have created a new google-group mailing list for on-going discussion related to the book to supplement the discussion group calls. Although the occasional update email will continue to be sent to the fedora-community mailing list, most of this book club's communications should take place on the duraspace-bookclub list:
3. In the latter part of every month, we will hold an open "book club planning" meeting to review the current processes and discuss course adjustments. Stay tuned for details. All are welcome!
4. All of this information and more can also be found on the Duraspace wiki: