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Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research (CAPER) Chooses Open Repository for Hosted Repository Platform

From James Evans, Open Repository  Open Repository is pleased to announce The Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research (CAPER), as a new client on Open Repository’s hosted repository platform.  CAPER is a non-profit organisation based in the United States and internationally, whose mission is “Improving Teaching and Learning in Astronomy and the Earth Sciences, through research, curriculum resources and professional development.”  CAPER provides research and teaching resources, plus channels to  engage in the international Astronomy & Space Science education community. After 20 years of experience, CAPER is recognized as one of the world's leading Astronomy & Space Sciences education research teams.  A key focus for the repository will be research from the developing world. Open Repository looks forward to working with the CAPER team to implement their open access repository.

Open Repository builds, hosts and customizes enhanced, DSpace repositories for institutions worldwide, enabling the institution to focus on managing and developing content within their repository. Through Open Repository and Open Repository Lite, clients can choose a package to suit their needs, including development, training and marketing. Open Repository offers clients the full services required to successfully run a repository, while Open Repository Lite offers is aimed at small clients and those from emerging or developing countries, requiring a simple install at a cost effective price.  Open Repository is a DuraSpace Registered Service Provider and is offered by BioMed Central, the Open Access specialist.