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@mire Challenges Google Books Viewer

From Bram Luyten, @mire With the new Document Streaming Module, Atmire is taking in-browser document access to the next level. This new DSpace add-on module can run completely on your own server infrastructure. It enables users to start reading documents instantly on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes. We closely examined viewers such as Google Books and decided we wanted to do better for DSpace. Discover the key features of the module:

Start reading documents immediately.

The Document Streaming module enables users to start reading a document instantly, without having to download it first. Instead of downloading the entire document at once, the module will stream the information to the user on a page per page basis. This way, the desired pages are immediately presented to them.

Page by page streaming is especially relevant for repositories with large documents. The difference in time to access the first page with the module, compared to downloading large documents is huge.

The percentage of users on mobile devices and lower bandwidth connections is growing for many repositories. In contrast to our report from 2013, repositories with 20% of their traffic on mobile devices and tablets are no longer exceptional today. For those users, this module can mean the difference between having access and not having access.

Instantly search for content.

The module also allows users to immediately search entire documents for keywords. This may sound a bit counterintuitive as documents aren’t entirely downloaded. However, we implemented a searching mechanism which is capable of searching the entire document, even when only a single page is loaded.

Document Streaming module on mobile device

Optimised viewer for mobile use

Combined with fast delivery of content, a convenient viewer is of key importance to the end user experience.

The document viewer’s structure automatically adapts itself to any device’s screen dimensions. In technical terms this is what is called a responsive design. By using such design, we significantly improved the usability of the user interface. Buttons will always be convenient in size, and the available screen size is optimally used.

The module does not rely on third party browser plugins like Flash or Silverlight, which are often unsupported by mobile devices. This way we made sure the module is compatible with as many mobile devices as possible.

100 % on-premise

The document streaming module can run entirely on your own server infrastructure. It does not rely on any third party service for hosting or viewing the files. Running this module on your own trusted server infrastructure gives optimal speed for your on-campus audience. It also makes the module suitable for private DSpace repositories that are only accessible on your network.

Available in any language

Just like other interface labels in DSpace, the messages that a user will see when accessing the module can be translated into different languages. Some of the most common languages are already included by default.

Discover the Document Streaming Module today

You can gain hands on experience with this module during a live online demonstration. Contact us with your preferred date and time for such a demonstration.