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“VIVO plus SHARE: Closing the Loop on Tracking Scholarly Activity” Webinar Recording Available

Austin, TX  In order to gauge true scholarly impact, efforts to capture scholarly activity have been driven both at the community and institutional level.  VIVO captures information only available at the local level, and SHARE harvests activity from almost 100 community sources, not just repository data.  VIVO and SHARE together bring us closer to a wider picture of today’s scholarship.

On February 24, 2016, Rick Johnson (Program Co-Director, Digital Initiatives and Scholarship Head, Data Curation and Digital Library Solutions Hesburgh Libraries, University of Notre Dame; Visiting Program Officer for SHARE at the Association of Research Libraries) and Mike Conlon (VIVO Project Director, DuraSpace; Professor Emeritus, University of Florida) presented, “VIVO plus SHARE: Closing the Loop on Tracking Scholarly Activity.”  Rick and Mike provided an introduction to the efforts to link VIVO and SHARE together delving briefly into the histories of each project, exploring the complementary goals of VIVO’s information capture at the institutional level and SHARE’s community-level harvesting, and provided an overview of the collaboration to date.  This was the first webinar in the Hot Topics: The DuraSpace Community Webinar Series, “VIVO plus SHARE: Closing the Loop on Scholarly Activity,” curated by Rick Johnson.

A recording of the presentation along with the presentation slides is now available at

To learn more or to register for the remaining two webinars in this series, “Institutional Perspectives on the Impact of SHARE and VIVO Together” on March 11 and “How to Get Started Tracking Scholarly Activity with VIVO and SHARE” on March 21, please click here.