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Introducing the first Open Peer Review Module for DSpace Repositories

From Emilio Lorenzo, ARVO Consultores

Asturias, Spain  With the support of OpenAIRE, Open Scholar has coordinated a consortium of five partners to develop the first Open Peer Review Module (OPRM) for DSPACE.

The partners that are working to deliver this work are:

1. The institutional repository of the Spanish National Research Council (DIGITAL.CSIC)

2. The repository of the Spanish Oceanographic Institute (e-IEO)

3. The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) in Catalonia

4. The Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Library and Computer Sciences (SECABA) in Granada, and

5. Arvo Consultores, a DSpace registered service provider (ARVO).

The installation of the OPRM on a repository will enable the formal review of any digital research work hosted in this repository including data, software code and monographs by an unlimited number of peers. Reviews of this digital content will consist of a qualitative assessment in the form of text, and quantitative measures that will be used to build the work’s reputation. This evaluation system will be open and transparent. Open means that the full text of the reviews will be publicly available along with the original research work. Transparent means that the identity of the reviewers will be disclosed to the authors and to the public.

The official launch of this DSpace module will take place at the end of April.  Learn more at