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Getting to Know LYRASIS

As you may have recently heard, based on recommendations from the executive teams of LYRASIS and DuraSpace, the respective boards unanimously approved an “Intent to Merge” the two organizations. We are thrilled with this new potential path. Why? It brings together two global organizations focused on helping archives, libraries and museums improve digital scholarship, build sustainable technical infrastructures and obtain best of field eContent through combined purchasing power. Together the organizations will be able to offer proven cost effective services that include digitization, cloud storage and digital migration. If finalized, this coming together will bring five community source software programs that deliver more control back to the user community under one umbrella. In addition, more than 4,000 institutions would be able to access better terms and prices from more than 80 suppliers of licensed and non-licensed content.

Click here to read more about the board decisions, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the letter sent to members by Robert Miller, CEO of LYRASIS. Also, please join us for a Town Hall meeting featuring Robert Miller and DuraSpace CEO, Debra Hanken Kurtz, on Wednesday, March 9 from 4-5 pm ET. Click here to register.

How will this benefit the DuraSpace Community?

DuraSpace community members who are not currently members of LYRASIS will enjoy the following benefits:

  • An empowered team of industry experts, with a history dating back to 1936, dedicated to creating programs and services that help archives, libraries and museums provide better scholarship and sharing of content;

  • sustainable digital end-to-end solutions and services (including digital migration, cloud based storage and community supported software);

  • group negotiated eContent terms and prices;

  • and specialized, expert training and consulting services.

LYRASIS is a member-based, non-profit organization. Our community includes members from 28 nations spread across 6 continents and representing 48 US states. The LYRASIS team features staff from the academic community and the private sector, archives, libraries and museums and are committed to helping our community remain viable and relevant in this changing landscape of digital content.

How does LYRASIS serve Members?

We serve our members by providing strategic licensing, technology solutions, community sourced projects, training and consulting and thought leadership. These services range from identifying and purchasing databases, management tools, eJournals, eBooks, and other digital content from best-of-field publishers and vendors all the way to supporting member organizations to create, curate, manage and showcase their local content globally. In addition, LYRASIS members benefit from a central billing and service arrangement,saving staff time and administrative needs.

Strategic Licensing and Partnerships

LYRASIS is home to an expert team of Strategic Licensing professionals who work directly with vendors, publishers and content aggregators to deliver deep discounts off list as well as top notch licensing terms. We also partner with innovative open access initiatives to gather community support from North American libraries. By leveraging the size and participation of the LYRASIS membership, we’re able to deliver special offers, build-a-group opportunities and more-the-merrier deals that save money and time. Click here to read more about our Strategic Licensing team and to view our New and Special Offers.

Digitization and Preservation Services

LYRASIS offers a full range of digitization and preservation services, including the LYRASIS Digitization Collaborative, a program designed to help you digitize your unique collections in an easy, affordable way that also adheres to current best practice guidelines. In addition to the collaborative, we have a full staff of digitization and preservation experts who offer training, consulting and other resources to help you with your projects at any stage. Click here to meet our team and to learn more.

Digital Technology Services

Much like DuraSpace, LYRASIS is home to multiple open source software solutions, as well as hosting for those projects. We offer Islandora Hosting, ArchivesSpace Hosting and CollectionSpace Hosting services, all of which can help you manage and access a full range of collections. We have a full staff of technical experts who can help you determine the best solution for your needs, train you and your team and help you deploy the tools that are right for you.

Grants and Special Projects

LYRASIS works with multiple granting institutions to both identify grant projects and administer them with partner archives, libraries and museums. Past projects have included the Gulf Coast Libraries Projects to rebuild libraries and collections following Hurricane Katrina, leadership development and preservation of collections in partnership with the HBCU Library Alliance, preservation microfilming and digitization initiatives, and educational projects in such areas as public access technology, collaboration and open source, including creation of FOSS4LIB.

Organizational Homes

LYRASIS serves as the organizational home for two open source software solutions: CollectionSpace and ArchivesSpace.

Get Involved in our Community

We welcome the DuraSpace community into our community and look forward to working with you. Join us for any of our classes (many of which are free information sessions), meet up with us at conferences and special events, and keep track of new developments through our listservs and offers.

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