Tue, 2016-03-29 08:50 -- carol

From Andrea Bollini, Head of Open Source and Open Standards Strategy, Cineca

Rome, Italy  I'm glad to announce the availability of the 5.5.0 version of DSpace-CRIS built on top of DSpace JSPUI 5.5.

The release includes the security fix (medium level) already available in DSpace JSPUI 5.5; it solves some configuration issues and bugs including the ability to build and deploy the standard DSpace REST webapp (provided by the Portuguese RCAAP Team); on top of it, this new release adds some exciting new features:

- Global Statistics: to provide a global view over the repository usage, visualization, download and deposit trends

- Facets for dynamic components: publications list, projects list and any other dynamic component included in the researcher profiles or in other CRIS entity details page (project, organization, etc.) can now provide faceting capabilities

- Bibliographic export for publications: researcher's publication list can be exported in several format by the profile owner and search results can be exported by the repository administrators

- Incremental Authority from previous value: to suggest terms from values already added into the system to keep metadata clean and to avoid misspelling. Common use cases include keywords, publishers, etc.

- Direct access to the researcher profile using external identifiers: make it easy to link external systems to your DSpace-CRIS installation without the need to know the internal identifier. For instance you can address your researcher profiles using their ORCID

A special thanks to Andrea Pascarelli, DSpace Committer, who put a lot of effort on this new release and made it possible.