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The DSpace Community Comes Together Around a New Vision and Mission Statement

Austin, TX  The DSpace community has adopted a new mission and vision statement developed by the mission and vision working group based on background work completed by the community over the past several years.

David Lewis, dean of University Library at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, and chair of the DSpace steering group announced the adoption of the mission and vision statement at the DuraSpace Summit, March 16-17, 2016, and reviewed community input towards its development. Lewis led the effort to draft the new DSpace Vision and Mission on the recommendation of the DSpace Marketing Interest Group report developed during the summer and fall of 2015.

The DSpace Vision and Mission Statement is on the web site:

Lewis gratefully acknowledges that a great deal of effort was put into gathering community input and support for a revised vision and mission prior to this year by the DCAT (DSpace Community Advisory Board).

He said, “Previous statements were not focused enough on what we want to do towards establishing a strong marketplace position for DSpace. The community keeps developing and global usage keeps growing beyond the nearly 2,000 implementations we know about. DSpace software is more competitive than it has ever been. The community is well-organized around project governance and leadership. It is the world’s choice for institutional repositories and we want our vision and mission statement to reflect that.”

There are three keys to the strength of DSpace an open source project and an out-of-the-box repository solution: the number of active and devoted developers from around the world is impressive; active users of DSpace far surpass any other repository solution and DSpace service providers are key project financial and development contributors. These factors define the nature of the project writ large.

“You can always download DSpace, put it up in a day and it works well and easily”, explained Lewis.

The DSpace vision and mission statement

March 2016

Vision: The DSpace Project will produce the world’s choice for repository software providing the means for making information openly available and easy to manage.

Mission: We will create superior open source software by harnessing the skills of an active developer community, the energy and insights of engaged and active users, and the financial support of project members and registered service providers.

DSpace software will:

1. Focus on the Institutional Repository use case.

2. Be lean, agile, and flexible.

3. Be easy and simple to install and operate.

4. Include a core set of functionality that can be extended to or integrated with complementary services and tools in the larger scholarly ecosystem